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    If you just jump in and find yourself staring at the little dot / cursor you can find iQagent to be a little overwhelming. Use these tips to get started and smooth out that learning curve.

    1. Know how to use standard Hololens Gestures. The Hololens comes with an app that teaches these gestures. If you haven’t tried it, do so first, or you can find yourself being frustrated when “It’s not working right!”.

    2. Make sure the Hololens has mapped the space that you are working in. Anchoring virtual objects in space is less precise and less effective if the Hololens hasn’t had time to get its bearings.

    3. Use the “Help Menu” voice command when in doubt.

    4. NEVER use the “REMOVE” button on windows that are created with iQagent. They will stop the app altogether. Always use “Return to iQagent Space”

    You can get some detailed product information if you are in Internal Mode and do the following:

    a. Say “New Item”
    b. Select the RED POI icon
    c. Select iQagent from the Menu
    d. Select Product Information from the Menu

    You will be presented with a POI that has links to some very helpful documents that describe iQagent in all of its aspects. These documents were developed for the iPad version of the app, but 95% apply to the Hololens app as well.

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