How It Works

iQagent has 3 components:

iQagent Configuration utility allows you to define and configure Points Of Interest (POIs) in your plant. POIs can be equipment, machines, processes, work areas, virtually anything that can be characterized by data. POIs are identified by iQagent using QR Codes mounted on or near the equipment or process they represent.

For each POI, you configure Data Views which are links to live process data from your HMI, SCADA, ,DCS or PLC, through OPC or SQL. You will also configure the Info View, allowing you to configure links to resources like documents, email addresses, and URLS for your document server, intranet Work Order or Trouble Reporting System.

Once POIs are configured, you can print QR Codes for each POI that will act as a link to the POI for the iQagent smart phone or tablet Application. Place these on the plant floor near the actual equipment or process the POI  represents.

iQagent Server is installed on a Server in your plant. It reads the POI Configuration database and serves the data to each iQagent iPad App when requested. It connects to your process via OPC and ODBC. The iQagent Server is very light weight and low footprint.

The free iQagent client App resides on your tablet or smart phone. Users can use it to scan QR Codes generated by the configuration utility to see live process data for any POI configured. It can display multiple POis and associated Live process data , charts, graphs and relevant documentation such as schematics, parts lists, and manuals. Users can directly enter work orders or trouble reports into your local intranet systems right at the equipment or process site.

The iQagent iPad and iPhone client have a fully functional demo mode with simulated process data and document links. You can see all the features within seconds of downloading from the App Store. Download it now and scan the codes below to see it in action: