Automation World Article on iQagent: Augmented Reality for Industry — without the glasses

If you visit and search “manufacturing document management systems,” you’ll find 45 entries for software systems designed to help you find the right technical manual, schematic or procedures document when you need it. And if you own one of those packages or something similar, you know that it can still take too much time and effort to view those documents when you’re standing in front of a stopped machine that needs attention.

System integrator iQuest—a specialist in PLC/HMI programming for machine shops—knows that problem. “When maintenance guys go to the line to fix a machine that’s down, they’re wasting a lot of time,” says Bob Meads, founder and CEO of iQuest Inc., Alpharetta, Ga. “You can’t get the product data at the equipment where you’re at. You have to look at the problem, then go through 40 pounds of technical resources to find what you need.”

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