iQagent Featured in an Advanced Manufacturing Insight Article:An Introduction to Augmented Reality on The Plant Floor

Augmented reality has transformed from a futuristic idea into today’s real-world applications. Building on the ever expanding presence of technology, engineers and designers today are able to reproduce real-life experiences with simulations contained in cameras and small viewing portals.

Examples of augmented reality (AR) can be found across a broad range of industries including medicine, video gaming, and sports. Manufacturers welcome the trend in order to elevate the complexity of their products and services, while increasing accuracy and reducing the necessary focus and time of employees per single part. Not only is this field expanding to include the latest developments in its own arena, but augmented reality is also making it feasible to achieve hybrid technologies that have only been imagined before.

Researchers, managers, business owners and employees are constantly collaborating to bring their efforts to the forefront of the market and to the workspace in their companies. Major enterprises have also found ways to involve the public to help people understand exactly what is meant by the term ‘augmented reality’ and its application to a diverse group of situations.

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