5 Enterprise Mobility Myths

Despite clear evidence that mobile-empowered employees are more productive and enjoy being able to complete tasks and submit reports from anywhere on the plant floor, some companies are still holding back. In part, their hesitation is from misinformation still hanging around from the early days of enterprise mobility. Here are five common myths and the reasons you should let go of them.

There’s no need to rush in. It’s true that the mobile app market has not completely sorted itself out, but companies who wait for that to happen will be on the wrong side of history. Now’s the time to embrace what mobile can do for employee satisfaction and overall productivity. Mobility initiatives have real and measurable ROI, and every day your employees aren’t mobile enabled is a day you are losing money to inefficient processes.

Mobility is all about the device. In fact, mobility is about strategy and applications. It has been shown that apps are often the main drivers for hardware purchases, and not the other way around. Choose apps that solve your pain points on the plant floor; many are cross platform capable, and so the device may not even be a factor.

Mobility should be driven by IT. It should be driven by ROI and impact on the bottom line. We’re not saying IT doesn’t play an important role. But for your mobile strategy to succeed, you need your department heads to work directly with IT to develop a plan that will work for their group and your top-level executives to ensure those plans dovetail with the overall enterprise strategy.

BYOD is nothing to worry about. Pundits seem to agree that bring your own device is here to stay. They advise planning for workforce-wide BYOD rather than trying to fight the incoming tide with complicated device management strategies. BYOD is actually a win-win scenario for many companies, as employees bring devices they are already familiar with and want to use. They’ll take better care of them, because they paid for them.

Mobile solutions can be enterprise-grade or agile: choose one. Cloud-based solutions are maturing and gaining acceptance. If you are being offered this choice, look for another vendor. With advances in mobility apps and MDM software, there’s no reason why the solution you purchase shouldn’t be highly functional, intuitive, robust, and secure.

Mobility initiatives are now becoming more mainstream, and the promised benefits of mobile apps in the enterprise are being realized. If your workflow isn’t yet mobile enabled, it’s time to formulate your mobile strategy and begin reaping the benefits of increased productivity. Driving a new initiative like mobility requires planning time and investment, but the costs of doing nothing are often far greater.  Indeed we recommend you move it forward as quickly as you can—or risk being left in the dust.

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