Augmented reality: Changing our interaction with Machines on the Plant floor

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Augmented Reality, first appearing in Hollywood in the 1980s, has been depicted as a flashy technology for the wildly wealthy or a tool of destruction for an army of futuristic sci-fi aliens. In the course of 35 years, we have not found much use for AR outside of movies and video games.

Until recently. Augmented Reality is not sci-fi fantasy anymore. And one of the most meaningful uses for it is on the manufacturing plant floor.

Augmented Reality for Factory Efficiency

Atlanta-based mobile app vendor iQagent specializes in AR applications for manufacturing and industrial spaces. iQagent AR is completely altering the way employees interact with machines on the plant floor. Manufacturers use dozens of machines to build cars, brew beer, make purses – and all of those machines have to be maintained. Usually by another machine.

iQagent allows workers to point their mobile device camera at a piece of equipment and view live data, documents, workflow, instructional videos, or perhaps a data entry form or shift logs – displayed on their screen right next to the equipment.

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