iQagent Enterprise

Create Points Of Interest for your Plant Floor. Data and resources relevant to what you're working on appear instantly on your mobile or wearable device.

Make Your Plant Floor a Data Rich Environment!

Watch the video below to see how!

Create POIs

Create and organize Points Of Interest (POIs) for equipment and process areas on your plant floor. For each POI, Associate live process data from your SCADA or PLC. Add relevant links to schematics, documents, videos, images and forms. Print the POI's QR code and locate near associated equipment. Mobile iQagent app users scan the POI code for instant access to relevant data and resources.

Create Forms

Quickly create and deploy forms for your plant floor staff to perform inspections, maintenance, or workflow tasks. Add text, data entry controls, images, videos and live process data to your forms to help them complete the task. Users complete forms via any device browser, or use our companion Forms App (IOS and RealWear HMT-1) to complete forms offline in an easy step by step interface designed for smaller screens. Form submissions stored in an odbc compliant database for easy integration with production systems.

Create Procedures

Quickly create step by step procedures that guide workers through tasks using Mixed reality on the Microsoft HoloLens. Bring training and communication to the next level and give your team the tools of the future, today.

Want to see more? Schedule a demo with us! We will show you how iQagent Enterprise allows you to quickly create points of interest, forms and work instructions for your plant floor — no programming skills required! Request your copy of iQagent Enterprise!

Operating Systems Supported

Windows Server
2012 R2


Windows Server


Windows 10