iQagent + PalmID™

Biometric Authentication for RealWear and IOS Clients.

Entering credentials when accessing secure documents can be tedious and cumbersome, especially on wearable devices.

Well, we have great news!
Now, you can simply hold your palm in front of the device camera to quickly and securely authenticate yourself anytime you open a secure document or resource, saving time while increasing security!

With iQagent’s PalmID™ integration into our RealWear and IOS clients, plant floor users can quickly access secured resources simply by showing their palm to the device camera. No more typing in credentials on your phone, or using gaze on RealWear each time you need to authenticate, so you save valuable time. iQagent’s biometric authentication for RealWear and IOS using PalmID™ is a game changer! 
Watch the video below to see a quick demonstration!
Create multiple users

Create as many PalmID™ users on the device as you need, and register their palms by holding them in view of the device camera; this allows you to easily share devices between shifts without sacrificing security!


Anytime a secure resource is accessed from iQagent, user will be prompted to show their palm to authenticate. If authorized, the resourced can be quickly accessed. You can also quickly change users on-the-fly if the device is shared.


Quickly and securely allow plant floor workers to access secure resources, without the tedious need to enter credentials using cursor, gaze or voice based keypads. This saves time every time you access a document!

Forms Integration with PalmID

Palm-based Biometric authentication can quickly be incorporated into iQagent Forms and workflows. Simply add the biometric control to your form. iQagent form apps running on Realwear and IOS devices will automatically prompt the user to authenticate using their palm.

Want to see more? Schedule A Demo with us. If you already own a RealWear HMT-1, download iQagent For RealWear and our demo kit see it work on your own device! Our internal mode allows you to see and demo biometric authentication for realWear and IOS devices using iQagent.

iQagent applications work with PalmID™

PalmID™ is a registered trademark of RedRock Biometrics

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