Building a Great Product: What You Need to Know

Bob Meads wrote as a Thought Leader, how to create a ‘Great’ product or service based on experience with iQagent.

As an entrepreneur creating a new product or service, there are many obstacles you must be prepared to overcome along the way. When developing iQagent, we discovered different challenges but also learned how to best create something we knew would work. There is certainly no perfect way to create a new product, but, there are a few ways to do it right in order to make an impact in the industry you work in.

1.  Understand a problem and solve it. That sounds easy enough, right? Sometimes, the problem can be right in front of you. If you are able to identify a problem and solve that problem in a practical way, people will have a need to use your product. What is it that makes your product different? How can it make a true impact? Ask yourself the necessary questions to make sure you’re creating something worth buying.

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