Increasing Efficiency Through iQagent – Q&A With Bob Meads

In manufacturing, machine failure and unplanned downtime can be exceptionally costly. Efficiency becomes the name of the game, and that’s where iQagent comes in. Through the creation of an augmented reality system that connects the entire plant floor, manufacturers are able to increase efficiency and ROI when dealing with machine failures. To explain this new system, Bob Meads, the CEO of iQuest, took the time to answer some of IMPO’s most pressing questions.

IMPO: Can you explain iQagent and what it does for manufacturers?

Bob Meads: For some background you have to start with the company iQuest. Basically, iQuest is a seventeen year old automation provider which means, we go into manufacturing plants and provide automation solutions, such as programing robots and building manufacturing lines. Our partner, Kepware, is a data provider for plants and makes it easier to get data out of virtually any machine on the plant floor.

Being on the plant floor for as long as we have, we have noticed some very common problems that occur.
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