Award winning Industrial Augmented Reality App

Practical Augmented Reality means that we focus on functionality that brings value to the plant floor versus flashy gimmicks that don’t make a difference for the end user."
Bob Meads
CEO & Founder
Display Data & Resources

Scan an equipment POI code (created with iQagent Enterprise) to view relevant live process data, Schematics, Manuals, Videos, Forms and other resources.

Capture & Annotate

Capture, annotate and send images and videos to support staff to quickly resolve downtime issues.

Integrated with Forms

Link iQagent Forms to specific equipment POIs for quick access. Pre-popuate common fields (such as location and serial number) with equipment information for error free completion.

Instant ROI

iQagent makes the equipment itself a link to related data and resources. Unplanned downtime issues are resolved more quickly since users never walk away from a problem to find these resources.

Want to see more? Schedule a Demo and let us show you how iQagent can increase productivity and decrease downtime on your plant floor. You can see iQagent work on your own device! Download our Demo Kit and see simulated POIs! Once you see iQagent, we ‘re sure you’ll agree iQagent is the best industrial augmented reality app available today.

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