Benefits of iQagent

Industrial Augmented Reality has proven Benefits. We bring them all to you: Points Of Interest. Notifications. Forms and Work Instructions. AR Procedures. Remote Mentoring. iQagent will streamline your processes, helping save time and money.


Saving You Time and Money
every time the app is used. 

Time spent looking for schematics, manuals or data is money lost! iQagent gives you instant access to data and resources relevant to the equipment you’re working on, so it saves you time and money - every time it’s used.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Staff have instant access to all relevant manuals, schematics and documentation, just by scanning a QR Code on the equipment they are working on.

Engineers & Technicians

Engineers and Technicians view live process data from PLCs, SCADA, and Production Databases, based on where they are working in the plant.

Production Supervisors

Production Supervisors ‘show’ downtime and process issues to offsite resources, rather than waiting for them to arrive while production is stopped.

Managers & Executives

Managers and Executives stay on top with live KPIs right on their smart phone or tablet, anywhere they have a connection to the plant network.