Improving Plant Operations Efficiency with QR Codes

Interview: Improving Efficiency In Plant Operations With QR Code Innovation

iQagent is designed to improve access to relevant asset information within plant operations and improves communication during downtime through the use of QR Codes. This information includes live process data from SCADA systems, PLCs, and process databases, as well as documents, movies, URLs and web forms. iQagent is a very useful tool in plants with lots of automation, as these tend to have a lot of documents and data what are required by plant floor professionals. iQagent improves plant operations efficiency. 3D Visualization World interviewed Bob Meads, CEO at iQagent Inc. to learn more about this innovative technology.

3DVW: Could we begin by asking you what interested you in the kind of work that iQuest Incorporated does and how the company began?

BM: I founded iQuest, inc. in 1998 in Alpharetta, GA as a provider of expert SCADA and HMI Integration for customers in the manufacturing and process industries. I later added an office near Tampa, Florida, where we provide PLC programming, automated machine design, and machine shop services to our growing customer base. Lately we have released a few software products which are created to solve real problems on the plant floor. We have always been interested in new technology and how to apply it to existing problems on the plant floor.