iQagent Release Notes

8:51 AM 4/4/2019 – Bob Meads

iQagent Enterprise Version Release Notes

  • Notes
  • App and component Versions
  • Whats New in this version
  • Selected Bug Fixes
  • Questions?


iQagent Enterprise is comprised of the following components:

  • iQagent Installer (v3.0.4.7), installs the below components on Windows 10, Server 2012 R2 or 2016 Server OS systems.
  • iQagent Configuration Tool (v3.0.1 Build 694), used to create Points Of Interest (POIs), Forms, Work Instructions and AR Procedures.
  • iQagent Server (v9.3.1 Build 98), a Data Broker between the configuration database and iQagent Client Apps.
  • iQagent License Manager (v1.0.0), a service that allows you to register device licenses for us so we can support our families.

iQagent Client Apps are available for your mobile and wearable devices:

What’s New:

iQagent Installer:

  • Installer now automatically installs .NET 4.6.2 and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) with correct Settings.
    • A reboot may be required.
  • Updated some interfaces for detecting and creating the iQagent Configuration Site (app) in IIS.

iQagent Enterprise:

  • We have updated the iQagent Enterprise UI to a more cleaner and consistent approach.
  • You can now create and manage Augmented Reality Procedures for the new iQagent Steps app for Microsoft Hololens, using text, shapes, images and videos.
  • You can directly link an AR Procedure to a POI, which will launch the procedure when using the iQagent HoloLens Steps App.
  • You can now easily browse older OPCDA data providers (such as CompactLogix) to add data points to a POI.
  • iQagent Forms Creator now has an update UI which makes it easier to see and configure individual form elements.
  • iQagent Forms now include header information about author, version, Linked POI, device submission token, and retention policy.
    • For forms existing prior to thus update, simply press “Form Header” button to add information, or just resave.
  • You can now have a form or work instruction automatically send an email upon submission (with link) to the colleague of your choice.
  • You can now decorate forms component labels using some HTML tags such as bold, italics, strikethrough, font color, bgcolor, etc.
  • You can now more easily reset credentials for ODBC connections that reference a Remote DSN.
  • You can now get a notification when a process data point violates a limit or rule as an email or push notification to IOS or realWear apps.
  • email notifications now supports Anonymous, Basic, or Integrated Windows Authentication types.
  • email notification settings now includes a test email button for more efficient configuration.
  • You now have more efficient ways to navigate the OPCDA, OPCUA and ODBC Browsers when selecting data points for a POI.
  • When adding a Form, File or URL Info Link to a POI, the Name field is automatically populated with entry name.
  • There is now a ‘Cancel’ option when opening a form linked from a POI on IOS Clients (in case you change your mind).

iQagent for iPad:

  • Changed screen recording over to the new native IOS Screen recording functionality. ‘Record’ button now shows a video on how to use this feature.

iQagent for iPhone:

  • Now includes a ‘Home’ button for easier navigation.
  • Settings (host, port, etc) are now included in-app versus IOS Settings menu.
  • Settings now contains a test button for more efficient configuration.

iQagent for RealWear HMT-1:

  • RealWear 10 (Android 8.1) now supported.

iQagent Forms for RealWear HMT-1:

  • RealWear 10 (Android 8.1) now supported.

iQagent Forms for IOS (iPad/iPhone):

  • You can now scan a barcode to enter values a TextBox (versus typing).
  • You can now select desired image quality (low, Med or High) on uploaded images

iQagent Steps for HoloLens

  • You can now move the “New Item” menu
  • You can now pause and play 3d Videos.
  • Deleted text on device is added back to pool of text per step.
  • Added support for 3D videos and PDF files.
  • App version number added.

Selected Bug Fixes:

  • Installer now correctly installs iQagent Web Site App when OS is set to a different language than English.
  • You no longer receive an error when deleting an infolink that is still associated with an AR Scene. (we now delete that as well).
  • Broken image icons no longer appear when on form submissions with a blank annotation image or drawing.
  • Duplicate procedure and form names are no longer allowed in a given site.
  • You will no longer receive an error when the file name you are uploading ‘&’ character. (we change it to ‘_’)
  • Searching for a POI is limited to the current site only.
  • You will now see changes immediately after editing a POI Group (no longer requires refresh).
  • When a Form is deleted, all info links referencing the form will also be deleted.
  • When a datapoint with a notification configured is deleted, any related notifications and events will also be deleted.
  • Forms linked from a POI will now open the iQagent Forms app (if installed) and automatically download or update before opening.
  • On iPad Devices, current POIs are no longer cleared when opening Settings menu.
  • IOS Forms app now displays Submit button in appropriate color defined in Form Definition.
  • When submitting a Form within a device browser, Draw pen color and size are now correct. (always were in Forms Apps).
  • OPCUA Browser now returns appropriate error codes.
  • “Scanning” HUD displays correctly based on IOS Device orientation.


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