iQagent Release Notes

7/15/2019 – Bob Meads

iQagent Enterprise Version Release Notes

  • Notes
  • App and component Versions
  • Whats New in this version
  • Selected Bug Fixes
  • Questions?


Tech Note Update: When using SQL Server with iQagent as a backend database, please use the latest SQL Server Driver (SQLSRV32.dll) for the DSN, as the other SQL Server drivers (SQL Server ODBC, SQL Server Native Client) have known conflicts with ODBC and POCO libraries. If your current DSN is not referencing SQLSRV32.dll, please update your DSN. We will be issuing a tech update on this.

iQagent Enterprise is comprised of the following components:

  • iQagent Installer (v3.0.4.9), installs the below components on Windows 10, Server 2012 R2 or 2016 Server OS systems.
  • iQagent Configuration Tool (v3.0.1 Build 734), used to create Points Of Interest (POIs), Forms, Work Instructions and AR Procedures.
  • iQagent Server (v9.3.1 Build 99), an http/s Data Broker that fulfills requests between the configuration database and iQagent Client Apps.
  • iQagent License Manager (v1.0.0), a service that allows you to register device licenses for us so we can continue to live indoors and support our families.

iQagent Client Apps are available for your mobile and wearable devices:

What’s New:

iQagent Installer:

  • You can now choose your configuration tool installation path. Please note that if you are updating an existing iQagent installation, you are strongly advised to keep the same installation path and previous installations; the installer will set the installation path to default (c:\inetpub\iQagentWeb) and so just choose ‘next’. Choosing a different installation path from the previous installation will cause link issue to previous form submissions and uploaded files. 

iQagent Enterprise:

  • We have continued to update the iQagent Enterprise UI to a more cleaner and consistent approach.
  • You can now export form submissions for a given form as a .csv file
  • iQagent Configuration tool now has custom error pages.
  • Form Import dialog now includes a progress indicator.
  • Form Designer now contains new Composite Controls which combine a label, image or video and an input control to allow all to be viewed together on devices with smaller screens.
  • When browsing for POIs to embed in a form, POIs with no data points are now grayed out and cannot be selected.
  • When selecting a form field for pre-population on an info link, only unused fields will be shown.
  • OPCUA servers now contain a test button.

iQagent for iPad:

  • Changed screen recording over to the new native IOS Screen recording functionality. ‘Record’ button now shows a video on how to use this feature.

iQagent for iPhone:

  • Server version string now shows TLS when encrypted server used.
  • Settings now contains a test button for more efficient configuration.
  • iQagent ‘About’ settings are now located in the app versus IOS Settings.
  • New ‘cancel’ button present when opening a form from an info link (in case you change your mind. )

iQagent Forms for IOS (iPad/iPhone):

  • You can now manage completed forms view with the following functions:
    • Delete All submissions
    • Delete older than 3 days
    • Sort by submit date
    • Sort by name
  • History view of form submission allows user to view submission on server via URL link.
  • Uploaded photos on form are now shown as thumbnails; Selecting a thumbnail allows you to view the image.

Selected Bug Fixes:

  • iQagent Enterprise Configuration:
    • Fixed a bug where some default selections on the checkbox object were not displayed correctly in the designer.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Fixed a bug which did not allow users to pre-populate number controls for forms when assigned to a POI.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Fixed a bug which allowed non-numeric characters to be entered in the number entry control.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Photo/video selection now filters for proper file types.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Unused files will no longer appear in the “existing” file selection dialog for images and videos in the forms designer.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Fixed an issue where OPCUA browser could not browse certain servers where display nodes were set to value other than unlimited.
    • iQagent Enterprise Configuration: Fixed a bug where checkbox control didn’t obey horizontal/vertical setting.
  • iQagent for iPhone/iPad:
    • Fixed a bug where connection testing produced incorrect results when IP or port was changed.
  • iQagent for iPhone:
    • Fixed a bug where Annotation view frame did not completely cover drawing area.
    • Fixed a bug where photo thumbnails were sometimes displayed incorrectly.
  • iQagent for RealWear HMT-1:
    • Fixed bug that allowed white spaces to be entered in IP and port fields.
    • Fixed bug where pre-population was incorrect for checkbox object.
    • Fixed bug that didn’t allow update function to work when executed from “My Forms’ Page.
    • Fixed a bug where form could not be submitted if a hidden field was flagged as ‘required’.
  • iQagent for IOS Forms:
    • Fixed bug where user was redirected to ‘In Progress’ page when exiting completion options.
    • Fixed a bug where data point elements continued to update when now shown.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing delete all submissions caused crash when there were no forms to delete.


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