iQagent release Notes

2/10/20 Bob Meads

iQagent Enterprise Version Release Notes

  • Notes
  • App and component Versions
  • What’s New in this version
  • Selected Bug Fixes
  • Questions?


App and component Versions:

iQagent Enterprise is comprised of the following components:

  • iQagent Installer (v3.0.5.1), installs the below components on Windows 10, Server 2012 R2 or 2016 Server OS systems.
  • iQagent Configuration Tool (v3.0.1 Build 817), used to create Points Of Interest (POIs), Forms, Work Instructions and AR Procedures.
  • Added new Database Configuration Utility (v 1.0) to more easily configure iQagent to use SQL Server, and to give status of iQagent service and Configuration website.
  • iQagent Server (v9.3.1 Build 103), a Windows service (iQagent.exe) that acts as a Data Broker between the configuration database and iQagent Client Apps.
  • iQagent License Manager (v1.2.0), a service that allows you to register purchased device licenses from us so we can continue to live indoors and support our families.

iQagent Client Apps are available for your mobile and wearable devices:

  • iQagent for iPad (124.2)
  • iQagent for iPhone (99.8.7)
  • iQagent AR for IOS (v2.4 b5)
  • iQagent Forms for IOS (v5.4 b4)
  • iQagent for Android (v1.6)
  • iQagent for RealWear HMT-1 (v1.87.4)
  • iQagent Forms for RealWear HMT-1 (v1.80.2)
  • iQagent for Windows (V1.1.66.0)
  • iQagent for HoloLens (v1.3.11)
  • iQagent Steps for HoloLens (v1.2.4)
  • Coming soon! contact mailto:support@iqagent.com

What’s New:

iQagent Enterprise:

  • Added auto-configure QR capability to Devices page. IOS, Android and realWear clients can scan a QR to automatically configure connection settings after their device token has been registered on the server. (We will add the capability to the RealWear HMT-1 and Android clients soon.)
  • Added new Database Configuration Utility app to allow users to switch iQagent to use SQL Server, and quick information on status of iQagent server service and website.
  • Added progress indicator to POI export.
  • Removed form menu header when viewing form submissions.

iQagent IOS:

  • Added auto-configure settings feature to settings dialog.

iQagent Android Phone:

  • Updated to support Android 10
  • Added spinner activity while document is downloading.
  • Added Auto Configure capability

Selected Bug Fixes:

iQagent Server:

  • Fixed crash when odbc data point with notification was unreachable

iQagent Enterprise

  • Wrong error message when uploading a file and disk is full
  • Importing of forms copied assets to wrong path
  • Add error text when alphabetic characters entered in number field.
  • Composite control doesn’t update when input type changed.
  • Fixed import form error where resources (images, videos) copies to wrong location.
  • Clicking POI name on Admin/notifications gridview pull up wrong POI
  • Multiple display rules on annotation controls caused form to not submit.

iQagent RealWear:

  • PalmID license error shows when PalmID service not enabled.
  • Choosing to play video causes crash.

iQagent Forms App

  • Download list doesn’t update after host change
  • Errors when zip file contained no data / did not download
  • Change in host didn’t update palmID status

iQagent for Android Phone:

  • Cannot open some documents in live mode on Android 8.1, 10.

Questions? Send an email to mailto:support@iQagent.com

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