iQagent Enterprise Release Notes

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Updates for Build 861:

  • Fixed broken link to doc on How to change database to SQL Server.
  • Added Drag and Drop feature to Info views for file uploads & URLs. 
  • Fixed issue when choosing white for charting color made chart color appear blank.
  • Fixed issue with “save Changes or leave?” dialog when leaving Forms Editor
  • Specified SQL Server DSNs must be 64 bit in iQagent Setup DB Utility.
  • Fixed issue on email form control where multiple email addresses failed if there were spaces between them.
  • Added subject and message line to form email control.

iQagent Enterprise is comprised of the following :

  • iQagent Installer (v3.1.0.0), installs the below components on Windows 10, Server 2012 R2 or 2016 Server OS systems.
  • iQagent Configuration Tool (v3.1.0.1 Build 861), used to create Points Of Interest (POIs), Forms, Work Instructions and AR Procedures.
  • DB Configuration Utility (v 1.0) to configure iQagent more easily to use SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and to give status of iQagent service and Configuration website.
  • iQagent Server (v9.3.1 Build 111), a Windows service (iQagent.exe) that acts as a Data Broker between the configuration database and iQagent Client Apps.
  • iQagent License Manager (v1.2.0), a service that allows you to register purchased device licenses from us so we can continue to live indoors and support our families.

iQagent Client Apps are available for your mobile and wearable devices:

  • iQagent for iPad 5.1 (build 124.2)
  • iQagent for iPhone 5.5 (build 101.0)
  • iQagent AR for IOS 2.1 (build v2.4 b5)
  • iQagent Forms for IOS 2.6 (build v5.5 b0)
  • iQagent for Android Phone 1.9
  • iQagent for RealWear HMT-1 (v1.87.4)
  • iQagent Forms for RealWear HMT-1 (v1.80.3a)
  • iQagent for Windows (V1.1.66.0)
  • iQagent for HoloLens (v1.3.11)
  • iQagent Steps for HoloLens (v1.2.4)
  • Coming soon! contact mailto:support@iqagent.com

What’s New:

iQagent Enterprise:

  • auto-configure QR capability to Devices page. IOS, Android and RealWear HMT-1 clients can scan a QR to automatically configure connection settings after their device token has been registered on the server.
  • Auto-Configure now auto populates most settings, like Host IP, Host Name (PC Name), Server and Configuration TLS. You can change hostname or Host IP / Domain.
  • Added PostgreSQL database support.
  • Added ± operator for notifications, which allows for notifications to be triggered any time a value changes by a set amount. For example, ± 5 would trigger a notification if a value increased or decreased by 5.
  • Added IOS and Android Push Notifications Support for devices associated with Notification Groups.
  • Removed “Live Data Settings” from Admin page. These settings are now auto configured behind the scenes. Live Data and Live Point of Interest form controls will now use first available token for retrieving data. If no token is registered, an error is displayed.
  • Improved some form control settings displays and added tooltip text for group controls for option fields.
  • Added documentation link to form designer page for creating and deploying forms.
  • New licensing model allows for SaaS Model licensing based on subscription.
  • New cost-effective License Model for customers who don’t need live process data. 
  • Form email controls now support multiple email addresses, separated by a semi-colon. (;)

iQagent IOS:

  • Added auto-configure settings feature to settings dialog.
  • Added Push Notifications support
  • Added capability for iPod Touch devices to run both iQagent and Forms apps.

iQagent Android Phone:

  • Updated to support Android 10
  • Added Auto Configure capability. Simply scan the Auto-Configure QR on the iQagent Enterprise Devices tab to quickly connect your client.
  • Added PUSH Notification support for supported phones.

iQagent Server:

  • Added support for PUSH notifications for IOS devices.
  • Removed Non-TLS option. All mobile devices must now turn on the TLS Setting in iQagent and Server TLS for iQagent Forms.

iQagent for RealWear:

  • Added Auto Configure QR support for both iQagent and Forms apps.

iQagent IOS Forms App

  • Added info button for cleaner UI
  • Added Autoconfigure support

Selected Bug Fixes:

iQagent Server:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and code improvements
  • Fixed bug that prevented notifications from firing if double quotes (“) or other illegal chars were used in notification group names or messages.

iQagent Enterprise

  • Fixed wrongly displayed error message when excel export used
  • Some forms would not submit when display rules used on annotated photo objects.
  • Importing from excel displayed error on 2012R2 servers
  • Friendlier errors when updating notification with incomplete on a live data point.
  • Friendlier error when attempting to delete a notification group which had associated device tokens.
  • Fixed error when deleting a POI which had a mapped barcode entry in Mapped table.
  • Added tooltips on group form control option button

iQagent for Android Phone:

  • Cannot open some documents in live mode on Android 8.1, 10.
  • Trend view caused crash when android device configured for non-US language where commas are used for displaying floating point numbers.

Questions? Send an email to mailto:support@iQagent.com

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