iQagent Forms Creator

An easy to use, yet highly customizable integrated forms generation tool


Simply Create

Drag and drop. It couldn’t be easier. Create a simple form in minutes. Even novice users are able to quickly build a form that can be in production the same day. Our clients rave about the ease of use.

Included with iQagent Enterprise

Create powerful data entry & inspection forms in minutes, no coding required. Link forms to Points of interest on your plant floor and pre-populate fields with machine data for quicker completion. Submitted form data is stored in odbc-compliant database for easy integration with plant systems.

Highly Customizable

Include standard controls such as text, dropdowns, radio buttons and checkboxes for easy, error free data entry. Images, video and live process data can be added for more a intuitive interface. Our Display logic feature allows you to hide or show controls based on previous user entries. Forms can be displayed on any device browser, or with our forms app for offline use.

Work Offline

The iQagent Forms app allows users to download forms for offline use. Complete forms one question at a time. Save a form in progress for later completion. Completed forms will submit to the server when connectivity is restored.

Operating Systems Supported

Windows Server
2012 R2


Windows Server


Windows 10