iQagent Forms

A companion app that allows users to download and complete
industrial forms and work instructions created in the iQagent Forms Creator.


iQagent Forms Creator allows you to create industrial data entry forms and work instructions that can be accessed via any device with a standard browser. 

For users with smaller device screens, we created the iQagent Forms app allow a better user experience.

Download forms and complete them one section at a time. Save your progress for a later time. You can even work offline!


Users can download industrial forms and work instructions created in iQagent Enterprise and complete on their IOS or RealWear device online, or offline. Forms can contain text, video, images, even live process data to help the user complete the form as efficiently as possible.


Users can complete form fields, upload images, drawings, and signatures before submitting the form back to theiQagent Enterprise server. Submitted form data resides in your database, on your network, and can be integrated into existing systems. through standard interfaces

Offline Use

Users don't have to be connected to the network to fill out forms, and you save your progress and return anytime to complete it when time permits.


If users have limited connectivity, the app will attempt to push submitted forms to the server when connectivity is restored. Uses can view the status of their forms and a history of activity to ensure the workflow is complete.

Supported Devices