iQagent, Inc. Announces Release of iQagent Lite App for OEMs and Manufacturing

New offline version of the award-winning mobile app allows OEMs, Field Service engineers and manufacturers to easily associated schematics, documents, forms and movies with equipment or process areas using QR or existing barcodes.

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — iQagent, Inc. announced release of their new mobile app iQagent Lite, aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), field service professionals, and manufacturing plants.

“The problem is that resources are scattered all over the plant; workers waste time searching for information rather than completing tasks,” explained iQagent CEO Bob Meads. “Our app solves that problem by associating data and resources directly with equipment; workers simply view the equipment through their mobile device to access information they need to do their job. For instance, users scan a motor to check maintenance histories, consult schematics, report issues, or contact staff assigned to the area.”

Foodmate, a Ball Ground, Georgia OEM immediately saw benefit in iQagent Lite for their customers. “Foodmate is always looking for ways to make our equipment and solutions more user friendly. In this case, iQagent Lite allows Foodmate to deliver content like user manuals, spare parts lists and how-to videos right to the plant floor eliminating the need to search outdated paper manuals or time away from the plant floor,” says Todd Graff VP of Operations at Foodmate US.

iQagent VP Patrick Meere notes that iQagent addresses one of the costliest problems in production environments: unplanned downtime. Measured in thousands of dollars per hour, downtime costs multiply when key support personnel are offsite. Phone and email are ineffective when communicating relevant information to the remote technician.

iQagent records the device display so video, audio, process data, and annotations are compiled into a snapshot or video which is emailed to offsite support. As a result, downtime issues are communicated efficiently, allowing quick resolution and huge cost savings for the plant.

iQagent supports Apple’s iPad and iPhone as well as Microsoft’s Windows 10 Surface tablets and coming soon, Microsoft HoloLens. While iQagent Lite currently supports only documentation, the standard iQagent App also supports live process data from PLCs, SCADA and production databases.

About iQagent:
iQagent was founded in 2014 as an app based solution provider for manufacturing. For more information or to see a quick video on how it works, visit http://iqagent.com/iqagent-lite-app . To learn more about Foodmate, visit http://foodmateus.com.

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