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  • iQagent now reads your palm…
  • iQagent is out! — and you can get it FREE!
  • See iQagent work on your mobile device in 90 seconds
  • Blog: 9 reasons iQagent should be your next AR Solution

iQagent uses PalmID for biometric authentication

iQagent consults Palm Reader for RealWear HMT-1!

No, it’s not what you think! We aren’t trying to read the future, we are talking about biometric authentication using your palm. We all know logging in to view a document can be a pain, especially on wearable devices. But not anymore! When opening a secure document in iQagent on IOS or RealWear HMT-1 device, you can now simply hold either palm in front of the device camera to quickly and securely authenticate and view the document in seconds! No more entering credentials!

iQagent Enterprise is out … and you can get it FREE!

We have a new trial licensing mode that allows you to try out all of iQagent’s great features in your plant, using your data, your documents, and it runs perpetually! Create POIs with live process data. Build data entry forms, configure process notifications. If you have been wanting to try iQagent in your plant, but haven’t reached out …. Get Off the Fence — click the button below for details! 

9 Reasons why iQagent Should be your next AR Solution.
Industrial AR software is really catching on, and more players are coming onto the market daily. With more choices, how do you pick the best solution? If you’ve looked at PTC, Schneider, Honeywell or other industrial AR software, and are reading this, you are here for a reason: You aren’t sure their solution is right for your plant.  Maybe its price, or concerns over ROI. Maybe the software looks complicated, and you’re wary of how long it will take to implement it  … [more]

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