Practical Augmented Reality for the Plant Floor

“Practical augmented realty means that we focus on functionality that brings value to the plant floor versus flashy gimmicks that don’t make a difference for the end user."
Bob Meads
CEO & Founder
Display Data & Resources

Scan an equipment POI code (created with iQagent Enterprise) to view relevant live process data, Schematics, Manuals, Videos, Forms and other resources.

Capture & Annotate

Capture, annotate and send images and videos to support staff to quickly resolve downtime issues.

Integrated with Forms

Link forms to specific equipment POIs for quick access. Pre-popuate common fields (such as location and serial number) with specific equipment information for error free completion.

Instant ROI

iQagent makes the equipment itself a link to related data and resources. Unplanned downtime issues are resolved more quickly since users never walk away from a problem to find these resources.

Supported Devices


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