Manufacturing.NET: Boost Efficiency Through Augmented Reality: Q&A With Bob Meads

Follow the conversation Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent, had with Manufacturing.net’s Bridget Bergin.

When a piece of machinery in your manufacturing facility breaks, you might not have the best plan in place for fixing it without wasting huge amounts of time and money.

Bob Meads, founder and CEO of iQuest, addressed this common manufacturing problem in our conversation about his company’s collaboration with Kepware, as well as advanced approaches to viewing the plant floor and challenges to implementing automated solutions.

iQuest is an automation-solution provider and integrator, which means they build solutions for manufacturing plants and process areas. When the company began developing iQagent, a mobile app designed to improve efficiency in monitoring, they selected Kepware’s KEPServerEX, because it offers the ability to communicate with various pieces of equipment on the back end.

Bridget Bergin (BB): You say that iQagent offers an “augmented reality” view of the plant floor; what does this look like?

Bob Meads (BM): Augmented reality means that you have a real-world view enhanced with computer-generated components. A familiar example is the yellow first down line that appears on your TV when you’re watching a football game.

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