Privacy Policy

We won't share your data. Ever.

Who we are

iQagent, Inc.
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Personal Information we collect:

– We do not collect personal information in iQagent IOS, Windows 10 or HoloLens apps.

– We allow anonymous users to browse our website.

– We do not collect Credit Card information.

– Google Analytics tracks users as they browse our site; we use this information to refine marketing and sales efforts related to our products.

– With your permission, we may collect your name, company name, industry affiliation, address, email address and phone number when you specifically request a downloadable resource or respond to an ad or landing page on this website. We use this information to respond to your requests, and engage you in periodic marketing promotions specifically regarding our products and services specifically related to iQagent and related services. You may opt out of these marketing communications by clicking the appropriate unsubscribe link on the email, or contacting us and requesting to opt out of our mailing list.


We do not sell or otherwise knowingly allow access to this information by third parties who are not an iQagent reseller.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

If you do not wish your personal information to be collected by us, simply refrain from entering it in our contact and request forms.

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