Remote AR Assistance: 9 most trusted solutions in the Industrial Manufacturing Sector

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Augmented Reality (AR) is right now transforming manufacturing and the way factories are operating. By helping operators do their work on the shopfloor faster and more efficiently, enabling them e.g. to locate and pack items or to find and repair damages, augmented reality technology is fast becoming the preferred way to organise assembly lines and warehouses. Below are 9 examples of companies that are deploying Manufacturing AR right.

iQagent is a dedicated maintenance app for plant floor mobility that recognizes equipment and displays relevant process data, schematics, forms and other resources; resolves downtime events faster through better and more efficient communication with support personnel.
Core features of iQagents’ solution include:
Practical Augmented Reality view of the shopfloor
Process Data accessible from anywhere
Communication with iQagent server over wireless or cellular connections
Snapshot or Screen Recording
Forms creation and management
Wireless streaming of iQagent’s display to any HD Device using Apple Technology


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